BT Games’ last-chance gaming specials revealed

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As people begin to panic frantically at the thought of trying to find last-minute Christmas gifts, BT Games has announced its festive console and game specials.

Among the specials this week is a 500GB PS4 console and one controller bundle, priced at R3,999.90; a DualShock 4 controller for R899.90; and some PS Vita games for R149.90 each.

There are also some Blizzard titles for PC on special, and an Xbox 360 bundle (which includes a 500GB console, one controller, Crackdown 2, and Forza Horizon 2) for R2,499.90.

Ubisoft’s MMO-shooter hybrid The Division and Far Cry: Primal are also on special on Xbox One and PS4 for R499.90 each.

The sale runs until 24 December 2016. More details are listed in the brochure for the promotion.

BT Games Xmas special

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  • l0cal_user

    Oh wow, a ps4 with one controller bundle, that’s incredible.

  • tjitah

    Think I’m going to rush out….and have a coffee instead

  • Thinus

    3 Grand extra for essentially the same machine with an extra 500g of space?!… the difference in price between 500gig & 1Tb is R 300 max but apparently sony decided to add a zero to spice things up…

  • insyt

    So Makro has the PS4 controller for R799 while Loot has it for R899 but it’s the updated version…

  • Brendon Bosch

    OMG. The PS4 PRO is going for a steal. At the same price as it was on release

BT Games’ last-chance gaming specials revealed

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