5 cancelled games we wish we could play

Starcraft: Ghosts

With the recent announcement that Scalebound is no more, it is only right that we touch on other games that could have been.

Scalebound represented a milestone for Microsoft as Platinum Games, the creators of Bayonetta, were working on an action game that was the first of its kind.

Its action RPG mix and co-op multiplayer across Xbox One and Windows 10, would have been a much-needed addition to any Xbox or Windows gamer this year.

Although the game has been cancelled, it will forever be one of those games we so wanted to play. Here are others that would have been great if they actually made it to release day:

Fable Legends

Originally planned for a Windows 10 and Xbox One release, Fable Legends was in closed beta when the game was canned. I was actually playing it during the time of cancellation, and thought it was pretty great.

Its was meant to be a free-to-play hack and slash RPG that was true to the Fable series while adding in new elements like new playable classes and a villain system that let you play as a monster spawning, spell casting game maker.

It had a half-decent loot system that would have added a grinding feature to the game, and saw us farm for gold to open chests and unlock new player items like skins and abilities.

Sure, Fable Legends would have been a great game, and the reason for cancellation will never truly be revealed, but it was clearly for a good reason.


Back when Peter Molyneux actually knew what he was doing, he worked on a game with Lionhead Studios called B.C. The game had great potential, and was kind of like the Ark: Survival Evolved of its day.

You would have taken the role of a early simian as you explore the very early days of existence. As you go about your daily life, you will come into contact with dinosaurs that will either be friendly or try to kill you.

Everything would evolve as you progress through the game, and a realistic food chain would keep things in perspective. Bigger dinosaurs would feed off smaller ones and as the game progressed new challenges would await in the world.

The game was 75% complete when it was canned by Lionhead Studios.

Silent Hills

The upcoming Resident Evil VII: Biohazard might look just like the cancelled Silent Hills in some degree, but the game will never have the Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro mash up that Silent Hills had behind it.

Konami really screwed the pooch with this one, but we all saw it coming. After the fallout between Kojima and Konami, there was no doubt that their biggest game together would have been put on hold, or worse, cancelled.

Silent Hills was the reboot to the series we needed. Starring Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead, the game looked thrilling, and those who got the chance to play the free P.T demo that released in 2014 would have seen that.

It was the match made in heaven and it could have been the survival horror game of the decade, but Konami did not think so and cancelled it.

Thrill Kill

A game cancelled for being too violent? Must have been in the 90s. A game that would have been popular today was not as popular as it could have been back in 1998.

Thrill Kill was a fighting game based in an arena. Players would head off against three other fighters as they tried to kill each other to win the round. Sure this sounds like a fun match of Super Smash Bros, but the problem with Thrill Kill was that it was so violent that it was just not able to reach the public.

The fighters were the problem here, as the fatalities were so gruesome they could not be stomached by many people. We are talking about blood drinking, flesh eating, and a few sexual fatalities that were just too over-the-top for anyone’s liking.

The game never made it to release, but a build of it did leak online, so if you search hard enough you will find it.

Starcraft Ghost

Imagine a third-person Starcraft with stealth features and a sexy heroine to add to the feel of the game. Sounds pretty cool right? Well it was, but it never made it to retail after ten years of unconfirmed reports of its cancellation.

It was not until 2014 that Blizzard actually confirmed that the game, that was announced in 2002, was officially dead.

The game would have been great though, as Blizzard always pour their heart and soul into their work, and Nova, the main protagonist of this third-person shooter, would have made a great character to follow in a new spin off to the series.

What cancelled games would you love to play? Let us know in the comments and forum. 

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5 cancelled games we wish we could play

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