Moments when video games failed us

When we get a new game we expect it to be there for us and comfort us through the experience from start to end, but unfortunately this is not always the case. There are times when a video game will let us down, and leave us questioning life itself.

Be it when we cannot turn in a quest, we cannot get the item we want, or even when a glitch hurts so bad that it feels like we have been stabbed in the gut. Here are moments when video games failed us:


There are moments in games when we strive for a certain item. Be it a weapon, armor, or even a crafting material that we so need to make the perfect potion.

We have found thousands of these items in the past, but we have always sold them up to now, believing they are useless.

We now need this item, and we finally find the place to farm them. Waiting for the enemies to spawn that drop them, we slay them one by one, over and over again.

It is now three hours later, and we only have one of the five we need to make the item.

There is nothing worse than poor RNG, and it happens all the time. Many MMOs face this issue, and even RPGs. I remember farming the same hunt on FFXV twenty odd times to get a horn so I could make a sword. It just never works out, and makes us feel like just giving up.

Diablo 3 loot

When the server drops

Yes we know, server maintenance is a thing, but sometimes we forget to follow these notices and get carried away with our games. We are just about to take the point to win the match, D.Va has just wiped the team, and Widow Maker’s ultimate has shown they are pretty far way from the control point.

Everything starts to rubber band as you see your team sliding around the map. Next thing you know you are looking at an error message telling you that you have been disconnected from the server. The worst thing about this is all, so that sometimes the server is not even going down for maintenance – *cough* Bungie *cough*.

We would be in a crucible match, doing what we do best and our entire team will be kicked back to orbit. Yes, because your online game is best played like a good game of Russian Roulette, you never know when you will just get removed and disconnected.

Potato Server

Pre-order incentives that are useless

“Pre-order now to get the exclusive Nora outfit”. Well pre-order outfits and weapons are cool, they are constantly letting us down.

They are something you use for about thirty minutes in the game before you find something else. Often they also look so cool, and you just want to hang onto this “exclusive” look, rather than the actual power of the weapon, or defence of the armor.

Then we have the skins, which in theory are cool but when you realize that the other four million people who bought the game also have the skin, it becomes a little common.

Now I don’t have a problem with these pre-order items, but the let down of them becoming common, or worse useless within the first few minutes of the game, makes them a major downer.

Horizon Zero Dawn Pre Order

Broken Quests

While open world games are great, they are often buggy which leads to some rather unfortunate behavior from the world and the people in it. You have now cleared the bandit camp, and now you need to turn in the quest to the provider, but as hard as you look for him, you cannot find him anywhere.

The arrow points to the wall in front of you, and then you realize that in the chaos of the gunfight, he has now glitched into the wall, and cannot be spoken to. You now wander the rest of the game forever, without any help from this NPC ever again.

The worst part about broken quests, is when you can still speak to the objective, but they have not clue what you are saying to them. You try to turn the quest in, but get nowhere as they don’t detect you have completed it.

Skyrim Quest bug

Bugs that kill

Probably the worst on this list has to bugs, because they are everywhere and come in all forms. They attack when you least expect it, and sometimes can even take your life. Being hit and you glitch out and fly to the other side of the map, falling through the floor and being stuck in limbo forever, or just dying from an invisible explosion.

I remember my most recent let down in FFXV while fighting the Adamantoise. After 45 minutes I finally had him on the brink of death, until I glitched out on his body and I was sent to the other side of the map. I ran back in hopes to get to him before I lost the battle, but by the time I got to him, his health had already reset.

Bugs are fun in games, but when they start to mess with your life, and your progression, then we have a problem.

Dying Light Bug

When has a video game simply let you down? Let us know in the comments and forum. 

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Moments when video games failed us

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