Mass Effect: Andromeda review roundup


The review embargo on Mass Effect Andromeda has lifted, with the game set to release this week.

Among the reviewers who finished the game, the prevailing opinion is that Mass Effect: Andromeda is bogged down with boring, grindy gameplay that the rest of the game could not rescue it from.

Previous Mass Effect games were saved from some of their weaker mechanics by an interesting narrative, and endearing characters and writing.

On this front, Andromeda does not appear to deliver what fans expected. Excerpts from reviews are posted below.

Rock Paper Shotgun

There’s nothing I’ve found that redeems its crappy writing, threadbare companions, moribund story, and ghastly UI.


If there’s any genuine mystique to the idea of travelling 2.5 million lightyears to colonise another galaxy, BioWare’s fourth Mass Effect smacks it over the head with a prospector’s shovel and boots it out the airlock during the first few hours of play.

The Verge

Andromeda is a massive game with so much to do, remarkably little of which is fun.


While I did catch glimmers of the original trilogy’s greatness, that shine was often dulled by lifeless dialogue, tedious missions, and even technical shortcomings.

PC Gamer said although Andromeda was marred by inconsistency, it is still the kind of Mass Effect game that can get under your skin.

Polygon listed many of the same shortcomings, but ultimately concluded that the game succeeds in delivering a “Mass Effect experience”.

Ars Technica delivered an early review after 30 hours with the game, characterising it as “Dragon Age: Inquisition in space”.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda review roundup

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