The most epic Easter eggs in recent video games

Easter Eggs

It is that weekend where we sit and eat all day, and then run around like reckless minions in the garden searching for chocolate eggs with our kids and or nieces and nephews.

While that is fun, we would so rather be sitting in front of the TV or screen playing games having our own Easter egg hunt in the form of iconic pop culture cross overs, and cleverly placed dialogue and objects.

I am talking about all those awesome Easter eggs in video games where we sit back and bathe in the idea that a specific reference from one game, could sneak into another and be called an Easter egg.

Some of these are hard to find, but when we do see them, a little warm feeling of satisfaction sets in that makes the search oh so worth it. Here are a few Easter eggs in video games that should make you feel fantastic for finding them.

Watch Dogs 2

Leave it to Ubisoft to fill their awesome open world with great little Easter eggs.

While the game had a handful, there was one that stood out among the rest, and it played into the Ubisoft’s failure to keep things a secret, while at the same time provided a little giggle to all Ubisoft fans.

In a mission that sees Marcus head into Ubisoft’s in-game head office, Marcus comes across a teaser trailer for an “unannounced” Ubisoft game.

The funny thing here is that everything in the mission sounds like a normal day for Ubisoft with “Syndicate, and Unity leaking before the announcement”.

It was quite a laugh to see Ubisoft make fun of themselves for not being able to keep secrets, well, a secret, but at the same time it also could have pointed to a new Assassin’s Creed game titled Osiris.

If this is the case, then Ubisoft at least leaked it without other sites being responsible for it.

Classic Zelda items in Breath of the Wild

While Nintendo’s Amiibos have quite the limited function at times, in Breath of the Wild they can truly help you obtain some of the best gear in the game.

By using a Legend of Zelda themed Amiibo while playing Breath of the Wild, there is a small chance that you will be able to obtain the classic green tunic for Link.

It gets better though, there is also a chance to obtain Epona, the most popular horse in the series, and the iconic choice of travel in The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time.

While these Easter eggs might be simplistic, it just goes to show how much we love going back to the classic Zelda games.

Death Stranding meets Horizon

In the Horizon Zero Dawn, there is a very clever Easter egg that refers to the upcoming PS4 exclusive Death Stranding. There is a reason why this Easter egg is in the game.

Mainly because Kojima is using the same engine to build the upcoming Death Stranding title, and also we love cross references across PS4 games.

The quest sees you going to find three items, a Stranded Figurine, a Stranded Necklace, and Stranded Shackles.

These three items are direct models from the trailer Kojima released a while back and refer to the baby doll as the figurine, the necklace Norman wears in the trailer, and the handcuffs he imprisoned with as the shackles.

Although these items result in a crappy loot box with items you don’t need, it was still a cool way to see the game come to life in Horizon.

A little Dark Souls in Overwatch

Yes I know, Dark Souls is probably the most overused Easter egg game of all time, but it is till pretty awesome to see the things developers come up with.

In the Eichenwalde map that was added to Overwatch last year, once you reach the back of the map near the end of the payload path, there is a back room that leads up a set of stairs.

Upon reaching a gap in the area, you will see a bonfire on the floor. While this bonfire might look like a simple thing to some, to others its a place refuge.

Yes, that bonfire is indeed a direct reference to the Souls series. Next time you are there, why not take a sit down and level up?

Overwatch Dark Souls

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

For Honor takes players into a classic knights of the round table setting, and naturally there would references to the best movie of all time, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

In an early mission during the story quests, you will come across a pile of logs blocking your path, but in the distance you will see a knight without arms and legs.

Now for those who have not watched the Holy Grail movie, this would be a missed chuckle, but for those who have seen it will remember the iconic scene where a comedic fight leaves a knight in a similar position.

Tribute to Iwata

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata passed away last year during the development of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it was a sad day for the entire gaming industry.

Nintendo paid their respects to the famed president by including a heartfelt Easter egg in Breath of the wild.

During a quest you meet a character that has the same haircut and glasses as the Iwata. He sends you to explore a mountain that is full of hidden hints to the tribute.

After you explore to the top you come across a mystical being that is called the “Lord of the Mountain”.

Upon inspecting it with your slate, it is revealed that this creature is known as the Satori. That should be enough to explain the Easter egg.

A few more…

Plants Vs Zombies in Space… because EA

Perhaps the PvZ universe is actually tied into Mass Effect and one day we will be able to bring both games together?

For Honor Mortal Kombat

A clear sign that those two figures in the back are Mortal Kombat fighters. Maybe Ubisoft will add it in as DLC? Only joking.

Have you come across any other Easter eggs worth noting? Let us know in the comments and forum. 

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The most epic Easter eggs in recent video games

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