Five games that overstayed their welcome

Have you ever started playing a game that was just mind blowing? From the start it is all sunshine and rainbows, and you cannot get enough of it.

While the start of the game looks promising, the experience unfortunately gets hard to get through after a while.

Near the end, or even middle of the game, things start to feel mundane, and the more you play it, the more you feel that you could be spending time playing something else.

Well these are the games that felt this way to me. These experiences had a fuse that never reached the end of the stick of dynamite, or when they did, the explosion was more a celebratory light that it was over than anything else.


While Nioh brought to life a new direction for a Soul-like experience, its mission system, and limited co-op made the later half of the game feel like a job more than anything else.

Sure, I can praise it for being a great action RPG, but after venturing into the same-looking area for the third time, just under a different time of day, the recipe started to feel a bit old. The issue I think was the story arcs were never full realized, and there was nothing to push you towards the end.

Not to mention that the game is extremely long, and after a while the environments start to feel uninspired.

While Nioh was an awesome game, that brought a breath of fresh air into the Souls genre, the extremely long campaign, followed by the lack of new things to do in the later half of the game, and the repeat of old enemies, left me uninspired. After 30 or so hours, you know every enemy’s attack, and the quests and story start to drag out a little too long.

Mafia 3

Mafia 3 is probably the only game on this list that reached it dry point faster than any other. The first five hours of the game introduces a gorgeous world to explore, with some pretty cool characters to get to know. After which, things get a little tedious, well maybe “little” is an understatement.

Mafia 3 turns into the definition of sandbox, with the player running around a huge city, slowly eliminating his targets one by one, before taking down the leader of the area. There is no fast travel, and only a handful of collectibles to find in the world. There are next to no extra side missions to keep you busy while on or way to a target either. After a while you just slowly slide into madness while listening to your own footsteps waking the barren streets.

Getting through the campaign was torture, and felt like a chore more than anything else. There was simply just not enough to chew that kept you interested at all.

Uncharted 4

While Uncharted 4 is hands down one of the greatest PS4 games every made, it had moments that felt a little too drawn out. Especially near the end of the game. Now, I know that long campaigns is a plus most of the time, but when you have a game that is so driven by its narrative, of which gets spread too thin, then it starts to sacrifice on its quality.

The later part of the game, perhaps the last 3 hours of it, felt like something that you would expect to see in a “deleted scenes” special edition of Star Wars, where you are pretty happy that they left out that scene and the next. Some of it was drawn out, while other parts, especially the meetup with Elena, and the trip up the mountain, just took too long and lacked the action to pad the chapter.

All in all Uncharted 4 was a superb experience, one of the best of the generation, but it needs a clip here and there to trim down the fat.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight, being the final game in the trilogy, had quite the expectation to fulfill. Rocksteady delivered an exceptional experience, that had a few dips in its story arc. Often throughout the game, the story would climax to a point where your heart could barely handle it, and then suddenly drop and pretend that nothing happened.

An evil villain is on the loose, but you cannot get to him as you need to unlock a gate to get your car in. A few of these scenarios distracted the player from the main story, and the climax was affected by these drawn out experiences.

Then we have the ending, which was also in my opinion a let down. No boss fight, rather a physiological breakdown and a hidden ending that required you to find all the Riddler trophies to complete it. Now who wants to actually go and find every trophy in the game may I ask? After the first ending, I am sure many players gave up and decided to move onto something else.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Now, Metal Gear Solis V: The Phantom Pain is probably one of the most overrated games ever made. Sure Kojima has a talent, but when you water down a game’s story by piling mindless tasks on the player, then you are going to have a long and drawn out experience, that is hard to get through.

Under the layers and layers of tedious side missions, is a fairly decent Metal Gear Solid story that does not disappoint, but for those who want to experience the story, you have to put up with the terrible side missions that see you returning to the same old areas to complete the same old simple tasks. Sure, the mission hubs were beautiful to explore, but why would you want to explore them when the only thing you want to experience is the story of the game.

If you ask me, around 20 hours into MGSV, it became very hard to keep going, and even for the most hardcore fans, I don’t think it was as enjoyable as Guns of the Patriots.

What games have you started but simply could not finish? Let us know in the comments and forum. 

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Five games that overstayed their welcome

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