5 free-to-play console games everyone should try

Free to Play console

Free is the best word in the world, but when it comes to gaming, sometimes “free” means pay to win, or pay to look awesome.

While some of these concepts are great, at times they can get a bit pushy and result in games that ruin the experience due to pricey in-game purchases.

Well not these, as this list of games are a few handful of titles that manage to do free-to-play well, without ever pushing you to feel compelled to pay for content.

Here are some of the best free to play games on console that you have to try at least once.

Skyforge – PS4

Skyforge is new to the console lineup as it was recently released on PS4 last month. The game is an epic hack and slash MMO, that mixes in mission-based levels, with an awesome class system that lets you change your class and abilities at any time.

This means you can go from an ice-based class to a healer at the press of a button, without needing to create a new character or anything. It is a rare system that we do not see in MMO games, and breaks the restrictions in character growth and diversity.

Skyforge is also fun with friends and you can matchmake with your friends and participate in raids and missions together. If anything the game is a close resemblance to Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning, and has a similar combat system too.

Warframe  – PS4, Xbox One, PC

Warframe kind of touches on those same farming mechanics we love so much from the Destiny series.

The game sees you take control of frames that wield special abilities, strengths and weaknesses. These members are called Tenno, warriors who have awoken from a deep sleep.

Waframe offers a mix of both PvE and PvP content, but the game’s focus, and polish is in its great PvE content. Quests you undertake have a great story behind them all, and dive deeper into the war between the Tenno and Corpus. These missions take place across the solar system on different planets known to man as well as fantasy-styled planets.

But is the wide range of Warframes and the way you control them that makes the game so enjoyable. Although you can only access one at a time, each of them are highly customization, and come with a diverse set of skills.

They also spread themselves across different class skills like tanks, healers, and DPS. When playing co-op with friends, these abilities all come in handy as a normal MMO system does.

You can then build new Warframes or buy them with real money. Building them is cheaper, but the required materials and farming it takes does get in the way of the gameplay.

Regardless, Warframe is a pretty epic free to play title that demands your attention if you are looking for something to do during those binge sessions. It is different take on MMO, but it manages to pull it off.

Neverwinter – PS4, Xbox One

Choosing from one of eight Dungeons and Dragons character classes, the Neverwinter MMO has all the variety you would expect from a game bases on such a great series. While the game is titled as an MMO, is plays more into the Dragon Age mechanics than anything else.

Quests are located in different open area hubs rather than a massive online world, and you can also create your own stories and quests using the Foundry system. Yes, like The Big Bang Theory but in a game.

The battle system in Neverwinter is part hack and slash, part traditional MMO, where you have cooldowns, but also a basic attack as well as your skills that are dependent on your character class of choice. Neverwwinter screams nerd, and after a few hours playing it, you will fall in love with the series, and the franchise in general.

All the expansion packs and DLC for the game are also available for free, so you will never miss out on any of the cool content and be stuck behind a paywall.

Portal Knights – PS4, Xbox One, PC

Portal Knights is a sandbox MMORPG, yes, that is a thing these days. Think Minecraft meets Dragon Quest Builders, meets LEGO Worlds. Every new island is randomnly generated, so every game is different, and offers new experiences from the past.

Characters you create will be unique too as they have their own class system that ranges from a warrior to a mage. There are various skills to unlock along the way for each class, as well as a deep attribute system that lets you focus on the stats of your character. The game’s gear system is also unique as you can craft gear and other items to suit your class.

Best of all, the game’s co-op allows for a great split screen experience on console, and also online play. Everything you do in the game can be done with a friend, from taking on a new dungeon, to building a new castle, or village.

While the game is not fully free to play, you can download a free to play version on the Xbox Store and PlayStation Network and try it out.

If you like it, which you probably will, you can get the full experience.

Paladins – PS4, Xbox One, PC

Call it an Overwatch clone, but Paladins is free, and we love free. Paladins is basically a less polished version of Overwatch, with inspiration from every aspect of the game, poured into Paladins.

Heroes, gameplay, and even the way the hero balances are implemented, all resonate with Overwatch.

But there is still fun to be had in Paladins. The game has a great free to play system that lets you buy skins and heroes, but only if you want to.

The heroes you start with are basic, and provide hours of fun in the game. The extra heroes are only there if you really want to splurge.

Game modes are similar to Overwatch as in escort the payload, and take the zone, but it is also has a great PvE mode that was just added to the game.

So if you are not a friendly person, that is just up your alley.

Paladins might not have the polish and refinements that you can find in Overwatch, but you if are tired of being killed by Hanzo, and need a game to fill the game, which is also free, then this is it.

What free to play console games do you play? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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5 free-to-play console games everyone should try

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