5 games in dire need of crossplay


Cross-play has been the talk of the industry over the past few weeks and there is no surprise.

Gamers want to live in a world where the boundaries preventing them from playing with their friends on other platforms are broken, and they can truly enjoy their game online without the limitations to playing with that platform’s player base.

Saying that there are some games that need cross-play more than others, mainly due to the fact that if you had to add in another few million players, the game will be even better and the communities will expand like never before.

Some of these games simply rely on players being online at all times in order to play it so why not have double the amount by adding in more platforms? In a perfect world, these games would be cross-play.


In the past few weeks, Epic Games has been under the radar for supposedly “turning on” cross-play on their survival shooter Fortnite. According to reports, PS4 players bumped into Xbox players without even noticing it. Cross-play could have been on this whole time and we would not have known the difference.

Fortnite would be a great candidate for the feature as the game’s co-op survival would mean more players to matchmake with and more players to experience the game with too. These types of games rely heavily on either having friends to play with or a large online community to matchmake with, but if you do not progress at the same pace as everyone, by the time you need help there is no one to play with. Cross-play would allow triple the player base to help boost those numbers and fill up those lobbies.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular games of the year and it is only going to get bigger as it will soon launch on Xbox One too. The game sees a bunch of players dropped onto an ever-shrinking island as they try and kill each other and survive until the end of the game.

Now with the Xbox One version being published by Microsoft, it would only make sense if they incorporate the Xbox Play Anywhere feature into the game. This would mean that no matter what platform you are playing on, you will be able to matchmake with players on the other platform too. There is no doubt a mammoth load of PUBG players on PC already, but add on Xbox and it just means more players to get your chicken dinner with.

Destiny 2

While Destiny 2 has ample people playing at the moment, it will soon hit its content drought and people will slowly go offline and not return unless they really need to or there is something new to do. We had this issue with the first game whereas we would often sit in orbit matchmaking for players to fight in PvP for at least fifteen minutes.

Destiny 2 might suffer the same fate in the coming weeks as gamers will move onto something new and exciting. This means that the online lobbies will become a wasteland. The only solution to this would be to bring all the communities together on one server. This would allow for more players to matchmake for PvP and the Guided Games system will be more populated than ever. Not to mention that Clans, which are basically cross-play already, will finally have a reason to play on other platforms.


Grand Theft Auto V Online is one of the best experiences you can have in gaming. Owning an apartment, running a drug cartel, robbing a bank and then spending all your money earned on fancy things like boats, planes, and more drugs. GTA Online is unlike anything out there and the constant support for it with new content makes it better every month.

GTA Online feels like one happy family-like community, even though you get blown out of the sky by a rocket every now and then, and what better way to add more players to this community than to make the servers one hub for all platforms? GTA Online would be the ideal title to add the ability to play cross-play play with other games from other platforms. It would not only add more chaos to your lobby, but it will further extend the possibilities for content and creation.


Cross-play needs certain requirements ticked in order to work properly. FIFA 18 seems to have all these boxes checked. The game needs to be on every platform, check. Cannot have an advantage on different platforms, check. Has to have a decent online service to take advantage of, again, check. FIFA 18 is basically the same game on every platform with a few visual tweaks here and there to accommodate different hardware.

The best thing about FIFA 18 is that it makes for the perfect football game that can be a casual and as hardcore as you want it to be, and the same goes for the online aspect of the game. It prides itself on friendship and those days where you and your friends sit for hours playing the game and end up hating each other. To bring all the platforms together onto one online service would allow for more people to experience the game together, and bring the online communities closer than ever.


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5 games in dire need of crossplay

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