Video game mechanics that are still terrible today

Bad video game mechanics

While we live in a day where we can play on a portable gaming device in our hands and then immediately continue on the TV when we plug it in, and we put a headset on our heads and escape to another world, things are still not as good as we hope them to be.

I am talking about the games and while the tech is great, we have not really moved as far as we hoped for in terms of video games if you think about the technical side of things. Games still lack that genuine feeling and realism thanks to some of its broken, and terrible mechanics. Here are some of the worst video game mechanics that have not developed in any way over the past few years.

Bad A.I

Now we have games with an infinite amount of procedurally generated worlds and games where you can literally create a game in the game. Do you think that A.I is able to help you in video games these days? Nope, they are still bad at everything.

This whole idea for an article dawned on me over the weekend when I was playing COD: WWII. I got a text on my phone so I took cover to read it without pausing the game. I was distracted by this spamming sound of a machine gun coming from my TV. I then realized that my A.I teammate was sitting the trying to shoot the last Nazi in the bunker fort around 5 minutes. One A.I versus one Nazi, guess who won? No one because A.I does not die.

I had to then drop what I was doing and shoot him in the head which was the easiest thing I did all day. This opened my eyes to just how terrible A.I still is. They cannot do anything. You play an RPG and they do not heal you, you play an FPS game and they cannot shoot, and you even play a racing game and they will drive into you without fail. I doubt this will ever change in the next few years as you cannot teach a program how to human. Let us all take a moment to remember Ellie and her lack of focus during most of The Last of Us.

The Last of Us

Car Damage

Insurance companies rake in the money on a yearly basis thanks to road accidents and the fact that if you hit something with your car then you are pretty screwed. If there were insurance companies in games they would all be bankrupt already because cars just do not get damaged and they are made of some sort of godly material.

Take any game with a car involved. You can smash it into walls, bash it into police, and sometimes even ramp off a cliff onto its roof, get out, flip it back over, get in and drive away like you just drove it off the show floor. I am still, to this day unable to find a case where realistic car damage is a challenge that you need to face in a video game.

Games like Burnout kind of did a better job at this but it was a game where you were meant to smash the car so you either had a fixed car or a vehicle in a hundred pieces on the ground around you. We can still do magical things with our cars and get away with it, and in a way, it takes away from the realism video games try and create at times.



If I could sneak and hide away like we were able to do in video games like Assassin’s Creed, Thief, and even Wolfenstein, then I would be a millionaire as robbing a bank would have been the easiest thing you did all day.

Sneaking in video games is simply broken and while we accept the fact that you can crouch around and jump from bush to bush while making your way to your target to kill him, the fact is it a mechanic that is broken.

On what planet do guards in real life not see someone rustling in a bush next to them, or even hear the snapping of a neck of their fellow worker who was just behind them as they were doing the same predetermined patrol around the area? If someone was actively walking through a bush next to me I would have a mini heart attack.

We also need to take into account the fact that these guards have the inability to look at their surroundings while on patrol. No leaning around corners, creeping up behind desks and even checking under trucks and cars as you lay there waiting for them to walk past so you can “silently” stab them in the face. They just look forward, walk a little, turn around and repeat it.


Reloading and ammo

This last point is again something we never even take notice of, the ability to reload your weapon and carry more ammo than an entire military infantry put together. The fact that guns have reload times is beyond me. I mean if you are facing a horde of zombies then you will try your hardest to make sure your double-barrel shotgun is packed full of ammo and when you blow their heads off, you will make sure to reload that baby faster than ever to save your life.

But no, in video games the character you are playing will take his jolly time to take the magazine out, then dip into his infinite ammo stash in his pocket, and then while you are being slashed by Fallen Vandals slowly with the utmost precision, slide new shotgun shells into the magazine as he contemplates what he will cook for dinner.

It makes no sense at all to have the game realistically reload a gun as if you would a real one. I have shot my fair share of them in the past to know that a pistol does not take 20 seconds to pop a magazine out and slide another one in.


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Video game mechanics that are still terrible today

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