Rugby 18 to get big improvements soon

Rugby 18 released late last month, and while the game is a huge improvement over its predecessors, there are a few hiccups with Big Ben Interactive and Eko Software’s latest rugby release.

Bugs with the AI, player positioning, gameplay inconsistencies, and the lack of the much-loved sideline camera have left fans feeling that some integral pieces that have been left out are keeping Rugby 18 from being a much better game. Thankfully, Big Ben Interactive has addressed these concerned, and posted the following to the Rugby 18 Facebook page:

If the developers can implement the above changes, there’s no doubt that Rugby 18 will be a far more fluid and playable game.

Rugby 18 has got the look, ambition, and licenses — it unfortunately just lacks the core gameplay that captures the feel of rugby.” Hopefully, Eko Software’s update will change that.

Rugby 18 is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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Rugby 18 to get big improvements soon

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