The video game I like the most

Eleven-year-old Fallout: New Vegas fulfilled my desire to be immersed in a different world and is the video game I like best, even in 2022.

Detached from the COVID wasteland outside, I sat in front of my pc and booted up my favourite decrepit landscape.

Video games have been a consistent escape for me. One of the gifts of lockdown was downtime to dive back into some nostalgia.

The washed-out colour palette of dark browns, light grey skies and mass amounts of radiation is contrasted by the wild and colourful characters that litter the Mojave Desert.

Playing as a courier for the Mojave Express, you try to locate the person who wanted to kill you and figure out why.

The strip illuminates the otherwise bleak night and stands as a constant reminder of a city untouched by nuclear fallout.

New Vegas provides players with an experience like no other despite the often janky graphics and glitched-out animations.

New Vegas is the perfect harmony of RPG and FPS.

Extensive Choice

Deep storytelling outlines the New Vegas Strip as a fascinating American new frontier.

As a player, you have the choice through dialogue or action to ally with significant factions such as:

  • The self-proclaimed democratic New Californian Republic
  • The authoritarian Caesars Legion
  • The current leader of New Vegas, Robert House or
  • The independent robot Yes Man.

You could also just kill them all.

Every decision you make has a compound effect. You could choose to help one NPC over another and have a completely different questline.


The freedom of choice brings with it infinite replayability.

You can invest heavily into every single choice made through well crafted and voiced dialogue or merely enjoy shooting radroaches with one of the 178 weapons.

The blend of futuristic, modern and western eras creates an art style and premise like no other.

Nothing beats aimlessly adventuring through the Nevada wasteland with your Pip-Boy tuned to Mojave Music Radio listening to absolute classics such as ‘Big Iron’ by Marty Robbins from an era that is long forgotten.


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The video game I like the most

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