Dota’s The International 10 wins Sports Emmy

Dota 2’s biggest annual tournament, The International, has won a Sports Enemy for its most recent iteration.

The International is known for attracting a huge viewership and offering record-breaking prize pools.

In recognition of the production value and the ever-increasing prize pool, each year, Valve has received a Sports Emmy for the grand finals of the International 10.

The award for Outstanding Esports Championship Coverage was awarded after the finals, and Team Spirit lifted the Aegis of Champions and took home $18 million from a $40 million prize pool.

Along with this, the competition’s finale drew in more than 2.7 million viewers to set an international viewership record and grew over 37 percent from the 1,9 million peak of the International 9.

The esports award featured during the 2022 Emmys show was the only one on offer, as there were no ‘best esports personality’ or ‘best game’ awards

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Dota’s The International 10 wins Sports Emmy

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