Redfall gameplay revealed

Arkane Studios revealed a six-minute gameplay trailer for its highly anticipated Redfall during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase yesterday.

This four-player open-world co-op game follows the journey of a team of survivors battling supernatural forces created by a botched scientific experiment.

The trailer showcased both single-player and co-op action in Arkane’s vampire-themed first-person shooter, and it also introduced to us the four playable characters and their unique abilities.

The trailer starts with Layla Ellison, a telekinetic woman with the ability to block incoming damage and launch herself and her teammates into the air to gain an advantage.

We follow her into an abandoned church where it wasn’t long before she encountered several blood-thirsty vampires. Thankfully, the player’s co-op partner showed up to help blast away the bloodsuckers with a stake launcher.

From there the trailer shows off snippets of each character.

Jacob Boyer is able to cloak himself and become invisible, Remi De La Rosa has a robotic companion with a machine gun that lends a hand in a fight, and Devinder Crousley uses a staff to temporarily freeze enemies in place.

Redfall was initially set to be released in September of this year respectively before being delayed to the first half of 2023.

According to Arkane Studios, the delay is to ensure that the fans get a polished and complete version of the AAA title.

While no release window has been confirmed, Redfall is still expected in the first quarter of 2023 and the game is set to launch on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Watch the Redfall extended gameplay trailer below.

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Redfall gameplay revealed

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