New Resident Evil Village Gold Edition announced

Capcom announced the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition which will be released on 28 October during its not-E3 Capcom Showcase yesterday.

The Gold Edition will be bundled with the Winter’s Expansion which will include a first-ever third-person mode, new DLC, and additional mercenaries content.

Historically, the Resident Evil franchise has launched its titles as a first-person shooter, but now you can play the story mode of Resident Evil Village from a third-person perspective over Ethan’s shoulder as you guide him through the game.

This new feature also extends to the new Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose DLC, which will only be playable from a third-person perspective.

The new campaign, Shadows of Rose, will follow Ethan’s daughter Rosemary Winters as the playable protagonist.

Rosemary is now 16 years old and is struggling to navigate life with the supernatural powers she was born with.

She decides to dive into the world of the Megamycete’s consciousness to free herself from this “curse,” but what she discovers is an extraordinary world far from the reality of her past.

We suggest you avoid watching the Shadows of Rose trailer as it contains heavy spoilers.

The new expansion will also include Mercenaries: Additional Orders which will add a few familiar faces to the multiplayer mode’s roster of playable characters — including Resident Evil 7 boss Karl Heisenberg, protagonist Chris Redfield, and Lady Dimitrescu.

Watch the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition announcement trailer below.

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New Resident Evil Village Gold Edition announced

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