New Epic Games developer tools for Epic-Steam crossplay

Epic Online Services has been updated with a variety of new features that are primarily focused on letting gamers connect with their friends across platforms.

This extends upon the original services that were available from Epic Online Services – which launched in 2019.

The service’s primary goal is to allow gamers to connect with their friends regardless of their platforms.

“Crossplay gives all friends the opportunity to come together and create fond memories across interactive experiences,” said Simon Allaeys, Senior Director of Epic Online Services.

We have listed the main features that have been added to the development tool below.

  • All friends, one place: Steam and Epic Games Store friends merge into one overlay, allowing players to see all friends in a single list.
  • Integrated game invites: In-game, players can search and send invites to friends across Steam and the Epic Games Store, making connecting and playing together easy.
  • Account linking: Onboarding without emails or password prompts. With just a few clicks, Steam players can jump into a game while an Epic Games account is created under the hood for their Steam account.
  • Update-free improvements: When games are installed, the crossplay features are distributed via a self-updating in-game overlay. Players can enjoy new features and improvements without needing to update anything themselves.
  • Plug-and-play SDK: Each Epic Online Services toolset is self-contained, so developers can mix and match the services they want to implement, incorporate the things they want, and leave the rest. Crossplay tools are no different.

These new features are intended to make the interaction between the two sites feel as seamless as possible.

Epic Games also indicated that while these new features are debuting for only PC, an update for console crossplay is coming soon.

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New Epic Games developer tools for Epic-Steam crossplay

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