Big changes coming to Hunt: Showdown with update 1.9

Crytek has published the patch notes for its Hunt: Showdown update 1.9, which will bring several game-changing adjustments.

While the update will bring new skins and legendary hunters, there are also more important gameplay changes coming — including modifications to the map, spawn points, match length, gunfire audio, ammo, and gun balance.

These notable changes are listed below.

Map and spawn point changes

Multiple maps are getting various ladders and windows added or removed. The most notable change is that Kingsnake Mine will be getting a new tunnel entrance underneath the compound which will feature a slithering path that leads to the main and side buildings.

Additionally, there is now a minimum distance between spawning players of 110m to avoid unfair spawn configurations and allow more spawn points in general.

These spawn adjustments only affect spawns in DeSalle as the earlier maps already have larger distances between the spawns.

See these changes to DeSalle in the image below.

Matches are shorter

Matches will be capped at 45 minutes instead of the current 60 minutes.

“only 1% of all matches went beyond the 45-minute mark,” said Crytek.

Many fans believe that the matches should be curtailed even further to discourage camping and stalemates, but Crytek noted that it has other unrevealed plans to address these issues.

Gunfire audio

Crytek will be making a small but significant audio change to further emphasise listening as a skill.

“Improved the audio tied to distant interior gunshots for better readability over distance. This should make it easy to determine if a shot was fired indoors or outdoors,” said Crytek.

This will allow players to distinguish between someone trying to kill a boss indoors or whether there is a team battle taking place in the nearby town.

Gun balance and ammo changes

The most notable change to the game’s weaponry will be that the dominant Caldwell Conversion Uppercut has been slightly nerfed at medium range.

The Uppercut will still deal 125 damage up to 20m or so (previously up to 30m), meaning you can still easily down a player that has lost a small chunk of health.

However, it will now deal more damage at further ranges, increasing its effective range and letting it deal more damage to other body parts at range.

Other gun balances and ammo changes that will be coming with the new update are as follows:

  • Increased the rate of fire of the Winfield 1876 Centennial by around 20%.
  • Increased the reload speed of the Winfield 1887 Terminus.
  • Increased the rate of fire of the Winfield 1887 Terminus by around 5%.
  • Improvements were made to the fire animations of the Centennial and Terminus to support their increased rates.
  • Minor adjustments were made to the ballistics of the long ammo pistol cartridge to slightly reduce the damage dealt at close range while maintaining high damage at longer distances.

While the forthcoming 1.9 update is currently being put through its paces on Hunt’s public test server, an official full release date is still unknown.

For the full list of changes coming to Hunt: Showdown with update 1.9, click here.

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Big changes coming to Hunt: Showdown with update 1.9

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