New Lord of the Rings game in development

It has been revealed that a new Lord of the Rings game is in development by Take-Two Interactive through one of their publishing labels, Private Division, and Weta Workshop.

According to the Head of Take-Two, Amie Wolken, this new game will offer a new and different Middle-Earth from what fans of the series have previously played.

Weta Workshop is based in New Zealand and is notable for its involvement with the production of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the more recent Hobbit trilogy.

The company specialises in special effects and prop-making. It has gained a solid reputation thanks to the quality of the iconic sets, weapons and costumes it has contributed to across all six films.

This new Lord of the Rings game does not yet have a release date or an official title but has been stated to be a game that will explore the underlying lore of the books and will likely be set in a currently unexplored section of the world’s vast mythos.

The current estimates have, however, stated that the game is expected to launch during Take-Two Interactive’s 2024 fiscal year.

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New Lord of the Rings game in development

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