Asterigos: Curse of the Stars demo out on Steam

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, an action RPG inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, has gotten an 11 October release date and a demo on Steam.

Developed by Acme Gamestudio, Asterigos: Curse of the Stars puts players in control of a brave young warrior named Hilda, who embarks upon a perilous journey to the cursed city to save her father.

Players will explore a rich, high fantasy world and discover long-forgotten secrets and hidden paths as they engage in exhilarating battle encounters.

The game features an interconnected map and an immersive story where choices matter.

Notably, the game features gameplay elements inspired by soulslike titles but with a lighter, dynamic combat system to provide players with a harmonious difficulty and exploration balance.

Below are the features promised for the game on its Steam page:

  • Explore the magnificent city of Aphes inspired by classical Greek designs and unveil the truth behind the city’s curse.
  • Combine and change your weapons on the go. Equip two different types of weapon at once and become unpredictable in combat.
  • Battle more than 60 different enemies and encounter 22 bosses in the main story and side quests.
  • Decide the fate of Aphes. Every decision you make in Asterigos matters and will affect the story.
  • Find over 100 collectables, complete numerous side quests, and forge your destiny in the NewGame+ mode.

You can watch a preview trailer below for the game and find the demo for it on Steam here. 

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Asterigos: Curse of the Stars demo out on Steam

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