Where to buy the best gaming hardware in South Africa

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South Africans are spoiled for choice when buying gaming hardware, as many great online and in-person stores stock the latest equipment.

With Black Friday and Christmas fast approaching, we’ve compiled a list of the best in-person and online stores for your PC and console needs.

Buying online

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Online stores that deliver are your best bet for buying PCs and parts.


Evetech is incredibly popular in South Africa as they offer extremely low prices, but numerous patrons on the MyBroadband forum have noted issues with their after-sale support.

They were also accused of breaking the Consumer Protection Act in 2020, which has tarnished its reputation as of late.


On the other hand, we have seen numerous positive reviews for Wootware regarding its after-sale support.

They also offer excellent value for money and are currently having a massive Black November sale.


Another good option is NucleusTech, whose customer service has glowing reviews – they are also incredibly active on the MyBroadband forum if you want to message them directly.


Although not a gaming-specific website, Takealot offers a wide selection of PCs and parts.

Regarding buying console hardware and accessories online, Takealot is also your best bet due to its immense catalogue and massive delivery network – at least until Amazon launches its online marketplace next year.

Shopping in person

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If you prefer to shop for console hardware and accessories in person, there are plenty of options.

Incredible Connection, Makro, and Game have been dealing with console hardware for numerous years and will likely have stock at reasonable prices.

You can alternatively opt for a specialist gaming store – BT Games is the country’s most well-known physical gaming store chain.

Moreover, BT Games will let you trade in old games for in-store credit, which can subsidize the hardware cost.

An alternative to BT Games for those in Gauteng is Nexus Hub, whose staff are knowledgeable on all things gaming and will also let you trade in your games.

However, your in-person options are minimal with PC gaming, especially if you want expertise.

A good option for Gauteng residents is Titan-Ice Computers, a retail store in Garsfontein, Pretoria: however, they do have to deliver from their online store if you do not live in the area.

Ultimately, if you are an avid PC gamer looking to buy or upgrade a PC, then online stores are probably best, whereas console gamers have more options as they can shop at multiple retail stores or via Takealot.


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Where to buy the best gaming hardware in South Africa

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