Steam Family announced

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Steam has announced Steam Family, a new set of family sharing and parental control tools for up to 6 ‘close’ family members.

According to the announcement, the Steam Families feature will replace the Steam Family Sharing and Steam Family View to provide a single location to manage the games your family can access and play.

The new feature is now available in the Steam Beta Client and lets you create a Steam Family – allowing you to invite up to five family members.

This new family can then be managed from your Steam Client, mobile device, or web browser, and those who join will gain access to the following features:

Family Sharing – This lets you access sharable games from other members’ libraries, creating separate saved data and letting you play even if they are currently in a game.

Parental Controls – This allows parents to control when and what games children play and monitor their activity.

Child Purchase Requests – Streamlines the purchasing process by allowing a child’s account to request an in-game adult to pay for their shopping cart. Approved games will be added to the child’s account.

How to join

Joining the Steam Family Beta is easy, needing only three steps:

  • While Steam is running, click on Steam’s upper left, then choose the “Settings” menu.
  • Select Interface, then under ‘Client Beta Participation’, select the dropdown menu.
  • Select Steam Family Beta from the drop-down list, and click OK. You’ll be prompted to restart Steam at this point.

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Steam Family announced

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