Helldivers 2 bounces back in less than 24 hours

Helldivers 2 has seemingly bounced back after Sony announced its reversal on its much disdained forced PSN account linking update yesterday.

When Sony made the announcement, Helldivers 2 had seen a colossal drop in user reviews, reaching Overwhelmingly Negative with only 18% of 250,000 recent reviews being positive.

In the 24 hours since, the recent reviews have seen a considerable turn around and are now sitting at a far healthier Mixed score with 61% being positive.

The number of recent reviews has also climbed to over 320,000 – even if the additional 70,000 or so reviews added were all positive this wouldn’t account for the score shifting to 61% positive after dropping to 18% negative.

This implies that a large number of players, following the Sony announcement, changed their scores to positive.

Whether Helldivers 2 will return to its old, very positive score remains to be seen, but Arrowhead Game Studios is no doubt relieved at how quickly the game’s community has expressed its support once more.

Despite the controversy, Helldivers 2’s player numbers have remained fairly consistent with an average number of active players hovering around 50-70,000 and all-time peaks reaching over 100,000 during the last seven days.

With the overall user review score returning to a mostly positive 70% thanks to the new and changed scores, Helldivers 2’s future once more looks bright.

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Helldivers 2 bounces back in less than 24 hours

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