Arrowhead CEO launches poll to release or delay Helldivers 2 Warbond paid DLC

Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt has launched a poll on X to give players the choice on whether to delay the upcoming Warbond DLC – Polar Patriots.

The Warbond was initially scheduled to go live on 9 May, today, however with the recent controversary around the PSN network linking to Steam there were concerns it would be in poor taste.

“With the negative sentiment around account linking, a concern from the team came up about ‘is it tone deaf to release a new (paid) Warbond this soon?’ and therefore we are putting it to a real vote in true democratic fashion,” said Pilestedt in the Tweet.

The Tweet then included a poll with an option to Release the DLC as scheduled or delay the release – no details were provided as to how long this delay would be.

Since being posted, the poll has accumulated around 170,000 votes and as of writing the release option for the DLC is comfortably in the lead with over 70% of the votes.

Given the poll will soon close it seems that this will be the outcome so Helldivers 2 players should expect to be able to enjoy the Polar Patriots DLC today.

Along with the concerns over the DLC, Pilestedt also noted he was impressed with how the community came together for the PSN issue and that the whole incident yielded interesting cape designs – though there is no confirmation on whether any of these will become official.

Helldivers 2’s review score has also been steadily rising with the recent reviews now sitting at 68% positive and its overall review having risen to 74% positive.

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Arrowhead CEO launches poll to release or delay Helldivers 2 Warbond paid DLC

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