Transistor: new game from Bastion creators

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Bastion developer Supergiant Games has revealed their next adventure – Transistor. It’s a sci-fi action-RPG with some interesting gameplay mechanics.

The game is pegged for early 2014, with no platforms currently announced. Bastion is available on PC, Xbox 360, and iOS so perhaps we can assume those platforms at least for Transistor.

As told by the devs themselves:

In Transistor, players assume the role of a young woman who gains control of a powerful weapon after a mysterious group of assailants nearly kills her with it. Now she must fight from street to street against forces that will stop at nothing to recover the weapon. During the course of the adventure, players will piece together the Transistor’s mysteries as they pursue its former owners.

Transistor invites players to wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin as they explore a stunning futuristic city. We’re designing our next game to seamlessly integrate thoughtful strategic planning into a fast-paced action experience, complete with our studio’s signature melding of responsive gameplay and rich atmospheric storytelling. All of us from the Bastion development team are working together again on this new project, with the aid of a handful of talented new people who’ve joined us since Bastion’s launch.

The combat features a mix of realtime action and paused strategic gameplay in which you queue up attacks and unleash them spectacularly all at once.

Check out Total Biscuit’s hands-on with the gameplay from PAX East 2013.

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Transistor: new game from Bastion creators

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