GTA 4 time-travel mod takes you back to Wild West

GTA 4 back to the future

A new GTA IV mod allows users to jump in Back to the Future’s iconic DeLorean and travel back in time to the Wild West.

You not only get to jump through time and space itself, but also get to take the form of Emmett “Doc” Brown, who was played by Christopher Lloyd in the Back to the Future movies.

The mod basically allows you to head from Liberty City back to Red Dead Redemption within a few seconds, and while it’s a simplistic Western map, the design and creativity is impressive and opens a number of new ideas to the modding community.

Check out the mod below:

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  • Dammit…now I just remembered that Rockstar still owe us RDR on PC.

    Pretty creative ideas these guys have come up with – here’s hoping that GTA V comes with a some official modding support…can only imagine what these guys would then get up to.

  • Kromas

    Great Scott!

  • ogk_malice

    I played the Back to the Future mod for Vice City back in the day, was quite fun

  • daangelo29

    Looks more like video editing than actual switching between maps. If you check the Present Time (green text) display before and Last Time Departed (yellow text) display after the time jump, you’ll see an inconsistency.

    At 1:08 of the video, he left Liberty City with Present Time last showing 0:15/0:16 (couldn’t tell which because it’s blurry), and arrived at the RDR map with Last Time Departed showing 07:04 instead of 0:15/0:16. At 1:56 of the video, he left RDR map with PT last showing 12:26, and arrived at Liberty City with LTD showing 00:26.

    Other than that, that is the idea the BTTF modding teams were aiming for. In the original Vice City mod, they were planning to replace Vice City with Hill Valley, with all three versions (1985, 2015 and 1885). While there’s still progress made to the map, it is yet unsure if the mod in general will ever be updated. The programmer is gone for a long time now. 😐

GTA 4 time-travel mod takes you back to Wild West

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