Thief added to AMD Gaming Evolved program

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AMD’s Gaming Evolved program allows the company to work with developers to optimise their games to perform better on AMD hardware. Many of the games that the program has featured end up being part of AMD’s Never Settle bundles.

Earlier this year MyGaming reported on a leaked screenshot from an AMD slide that offered a hint of what’s coming to future AMD Never Settle bundles. It showed eight new games for 2013, including titles that were very close and very far from release.

PGaming Evolved Never Settle roadmap

PGaming Evolved Never Settle roadmap

For now, we can confidently debunk it. GRID2 has launched already and it’s not part of the Gaming Evolved program, as far as we know. Codemasters has worked with AMD in the past and DiRT Showdown is still being bundled with some cards.

It is possible that AMD will bundle the game in the future, but the above screenshot is now being called into question after AMD had their conference at Computex 2013.

Thief AMD Gaming Evolved

Thief and AMD Gaming Evolved

Thief developer, Nixxes is working with Eidos Montreal on the game and as a fan of the Thief series, I’m personally looking forward to it. It may copy Dishonored a lot, but I don’t really care.

What I do care about though, is that Gaming Evolved logo. AMD is already giving Nixxes and Eidos developers their expertise and its almost a given now that it’ll be included in a future Never Settle bundle.

For AMD, this is good PR and a turn around in terms of how the company handles its developer relations. Anyone remember Nvidia’s “The Way Its Meant to Be Played?” How many games ship today with that logo popping up when you start it? Metro: Last Light is the most recent one I can remember, as well as Borderlands, and Bioshock 2.

AMD Never Settle past games

AMD Never Settle past games – there are lots of AAA titles there.

By contrast, a host of recent AAA titles have received the Gaming Evolved treatment and already many people are looking at Nvidia’s bundle options unfavourably. AMD’s marketing is going full steam on the gaming front and I’ve heard more than one person say that it looks like they’re the better option for gamers – its all in your head, really, but that was AMD’s plan all along.

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Thief added to AMD Gaming Evolved program

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