Chinese League of Legends rip-off has no shame

Shrek and Donkey

China has been known to make its own clones and copies of mainstream games, but 300 Heroes takes the cake.

Not only is the game a complete clone of League of Legends’ design, but it also features numerous rip-offs of popular characters, such as Shrek, Wall-E, Naruto, and Angry Birds, just to name a few.

All these copyrighted characters and squashed incoherently into the game, and how it has managed to survive this long without a lawsuit is actually quite impressive.

Check out the game in action for yourself, and if you’d like to find out how to download and play 300 Heroes, Youtube user CrusaderCast has created a tutorial video on how to get the game.

We’ve previously had a look at some other shameless gaming rip-offs.

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  • Eric Viljoen

    Yes, because LoL is so original

  • dasco144

    LoL is not entirely original, no one can argue with that, but unlike some games they at least tried to make it stand out and be different with its own mechanics and such.

  • LoL was created by the guys who were involved in the WarCraft 3 mod map DotA which largely defined the MOBA genre before it exploded into mass PC-gaming popularity. It therefore has one of the best pedigrees in the MOBA gaming market (IMO).

    The real story here is the shameless copyright infringement wrapped in a LoL-type package.

Chinese League of Legends rip-off has no shame

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