AMD “Never Settle” bundled games roadmap for 2013?

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AMD’s Never Settle game bundles have brought the company a lot of media attention and more people are recommending Radeon cards because of the value of the game bundles. A thread started on the Techreport forums hints about the titles involved in future game bundles, although many doubt its authenticity.

PGaming Evolved Never Settle roadmap

PGaming Evolved Never Settle roadmap

In the thread, a new user posted up the above picture and asked others if it was fake. The image contains pictures of the covers of games included in previous bundles with AMD graphics cards, with a new roundup of titles below.

The rumored lineup includes GRID 2, Company of Heroes 2, Total War: Rome II, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Lost Planet 3, Battlefield 4, Raven’s Cry and finally Watch Dogs.

Of the eight, Battlefield 4 has been confirmed to be included in a future never settle bundle, and the 17-minute demo shown to fans of the series has been confirmed to be running on two Radeon HD7990 dual-GPU graphics cards. Watch Dogs is a launch title for Sony’s Playstation 4, which coincidentally has AMD hardware inside.

GRID 2 is a likely candidate for inclusion with the Radeon HD7990, reportedly releasing tomorrow, 24th April 2013. Codemasters has collaborated with AMD in the past and shipped DiRT 3 with select graphics cards. The HD7990 will likely be a paper launch and only available to the general public in a month’s time, which matches up with GRID 2’s release date of May 31st for the EU (European Union).

Two games in the previous bundles are also Ubisoft titles, which means that Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s inclusion seems likely.

Source: Techreport 

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AMD “Never Settle” bundled games roadmap for 2013?

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