SimCity Update 2.0 detailed


Maxis and EA have detailed the fixes for the incoming Update 2.0 for SimCity.

The new update is said to contain “top-requested bug fixes and improvements” that will help improve the game experience.

The update adds some new features, such as mayors driving their fancy cars, helicopters, and limos if they’re present; a new HUD that colour-corrects when in colourblind mode; and a new data map, which shows the filtered colour when colour filters are enabled.

On top of the additions, the fixes have been listed, which include everything from a revamped region filter, invitations and city processing.

For the full list of additions and tweaks coming to SimCity with Update 2.0, check out this forum post.

The update goes live at 1pm PST on Monday, 22 April, which is 10pm SA time.

SimCity has sold more than 1.3 million units on PC since launch.

Source: SimCity forum 

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SimCity Update 2.0 detailed

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