Steam Halloween sale launched

Steam Halloween sale

Steam has launched its annual Halloween Sale, offering some money-grabbing deals on some great horror titles.

The side-scrolling zombie survival game Deadlight is available for $3.74, Alone in the Dark is priced at $4.99, and Resident Evil: Revelations is $16.99.

Also on the cards is Aliens: Colonial Marines for $4.99, Silent Hill: Homecoming for $7.49, and the FEAR Collection, which includes FEAR, FEAR: 2 Project Origin, FEAR 2: Reborn (DLC), FEAR 3, FEAR: Extraction Point, and FEAR: Perseus Mandate – all for $13.74.

There are a bunch of other great games on offer, but the sale ends on 1 November.

Aliens Colonial Marines

Aliens Colonial Marines

Source: Steam

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Steam Halloween sale launched

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