Watch Dogs “graphics downgrade” reversed by modder


Mod creator TheWorse has found, and unlocked, files in the PC version of Watch Dogs which, he claims: improves shaders, NPC density, and camera angles; reduces stuttering; enhances visuals; and improves reflections in the game.

In essence, restoring the title to its E3 2012 glory. The modder added that the alterations improved the performance of the game, too.

“I’m a very obsessed person with graphics. Also I’m a fan of using SweetFX on every game I can. I like to make my own presets. After [Watch Dogs’] release and this stupid stuttering problem, I started searching for fixes,” said TheWorse in his post.

“Then I saw threads talking about the engine… so I tried to unpack the files. After searching for an unpacker I found it, and started playing with it. After studying how BinHex worked and downloading many tools to convert files, I was able to integrate and enable many effects.”

The Cynical Brit, Total Biscuit, had a go at Watch Dogs after trying the improvements himself. While the game still ran like “arse”, he said, with performance issues and stability problems still prevalent, its visuals were improved.

The fact that the files allowing the visuals to be stepped-up were still in the game’s folders lead the Brit to draw several conclusions, one of which was: the development team was unable to finish the game in time and simply hid the files. “Not very good,” he noted.

TotalBiscuit’s full account is posted below.

Files which allow for improved visuals in Watch Dogs were hidden in the game – what do you make of that? Let us know in the comments and forum.

*TheWorse’s quotes have been edited.
Source: Kotaku and TotalBiscuit

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Watch Dogs “graphics downgrade” reversed by modder

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