Hatred’s funniest Steam User Reviews


Hatred, thanks to its kill anyone and everyone approach, as well as the resultant overtly gratuitous brutal nature, is perhaps one of the more anticipated titles of the moment.

People just like killing S#@T.

That casual approach to being as inhumane and violent as possible initially had it pulled from Steam, but it’s back and, in fact, Hatred has just launched on Steam.

So what do the residents of Steam think of this rather gory new neighbour of theirs? What are the Steam User Reviews for Hatred saying?

Let’s be honest, we’re hoping for a lot of candour and humour. These are Steam’s funniest Hatred Steam User Reviews thus far:

You’re a christian man that sells bibles door to door. Hilarity ensues.

Thumbs Up

No school DLC.

Thumbs Up

Reminds me of my highschool fantasies. Great times.

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It’s basically a Ben Garrison simulator.

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My uncle who works for Nintendo told me, if you slow down the game speed by 66.6% and play it from the last level to the first level only walking backwards, you will hear the voice of satan whisper in your ear.
10/10 – Would ask my totally real uncle who definately works at Nintendo about tips on Hatred again.

Thumbs Up

Hatred = Hate
Hate = 4 letters
Hate – e = HAT
Hat = 3 letters
3×4 = 12
12 seasons in a year
year = 8765.81 hours
8765 = chem ID for: 4,4′-Thiodianiline
4,4′-Thiodianiline = carcinogenic
carcinogenic = cancer
THC kills cancer
pot reversed = top
the top of the pyramid is missing
Aliens built the pyramids
Pyramids are a symbol of the ILLUMINATI


Thumbs Up

“Tried to boot the game.

My computer uninstalled it, downloaded Pregnancy and booted that instead.

10/10 I learned about the pitfalls of toxic masculinity and my subconscious misogyny.”

Thumbs Up

He’s just misunderstood.

Thumbs Up

White Kid Simulator.
6/10 had some giggles.

Thumbs Up

No 10 year olds from any of the Call of Duty games telling me they had sex with my mom

Thumbs Up

In all seriousness, it seems like a number of Steam’s users are having issues with Hatred, and we would not recommend the game as a result.

At the very least, wait for a few updates as well as sale, like Steam’s upcoming Summer Sale, before getting it.

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Hatred’s funniest Steam User Reviews

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