Security firm working on unhackable Windows 10


Israeli security firm MorphiSec is developing a version of Windows which it says will be virtually impossible to hack.

MorphiSec co-founder Dudu Mimran, who is also the CTO of the Telekom Innovation Laboratories Israel, said the very secure version of Microsoft Windows is what “Microsoft should be doing”.

MorphiSec uses a patented technology to provide an unbreakable security layer around core, mission-critical systems.

The company protects Windows against zero-day attacks, where an attacker exploits a security vulnerability which is still unknown to the vendor and has therefore not been fixed.

Mimran told Business Insider that they have created a version of Windows that “randomises all the memory” for specific Windows applications.

“By making computer memory a moving target, a hacker can’t mess with it, and therefore can’t cause damage to the rest of the computer or the data,” he said.

“Whoopee, no more need for unavoidable automatic updates,” you might be thinking. After all, if your Windows 10 can no longer be hacked, then there shouldn’t be a need for Microsoft to enforce updates upon its consumer base.

That’s probably not what Microsoft is thinking. Certainly, they’ve released a tool to allow you to block automatic updates that might conflict with your current setup, which we guide you through here, but that’s not all automatic updates are for.

As a long term OS, and one that is meant to continually evolve with the many platforms it links, Microsoft will need to continually update it, and what about performance and feature updates?

And trust us, this supposed unhackable Windows 10 will have vulnerabilities – they’ll just be that much harder to exploit.

Written in collaboration with an article that originally appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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Security firm working on unhackable Windows 10

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