Windows 10 has nearly overtaken Windows 7 as the OS of choice for Steam users

During our report on Steam’s monthly hardware and software survey for June 2015, a piece we wrote primarily to talk about the prevalence of higher-end gaming hardware (like the GTX 970), we noted that Windows 7 was still the most popular OS for Steam users.

Sitting at 46.88%, Windows 7 was firmly on the top, but Windows 10’s subsequent release has seen that number drop significantly.

As early as October 2015, Windows 7 had fallen to just 36.67%, with Windows 10 already holding a comfortable lead over Windows 8 – hardly surprising given that Windows 10 was already installed on more than 53 million devices by August of last year.

And it looks like Windows 7 will continue to drop, sitting at 34.31% Steam share, just 1.54% more than Windows 10.

Steam Hardware and Software Survey for January 2016

Given that Windows 10 is free, promises improved performance over Windows 7 and 8, will be the only OS to officially support next-gen CPUs and that it’s the only way to use DirectX 12, it’s probably the wisest choice for a great deal of gamers – minus a few iffy decisions on Microsoft’s behalf.

Beyond the increasing use of Windows 10, Steam’s survey demonstrates that the GTX 970’s popularity has continued to grow, even managing to overtake Intel’s most popular integrated graphics solutions, the HD Graphics 4000 series.

And that iGPU family is in practically everything, so it’s darn impressive of NVIDIA’s card, a roughly R6000 card, to outdo a cheap-as-chips iGPU.

We’re so proud of you gamers; you’re making the smart choice when it comes to hardware.

And there Intel is, trying to convince us to use their integrated GPUs over discrete GPUs. No. Thank. You.

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Windows 10 has nearly overtaken Windows 7 as the OS of choice for Steam users

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