The Division to receive massive update in April – details

Tom Clancy’s The Division is set to receive a massive update on 12 April 2016.

The update will feature a ton of new content for players to enjoy, ranging from the implementation of a trading system to the addition of new end-game content.

The upcoming changes and patches were outlined during a Special Report on Twitch.

The biggest feature of the update is the addition of Incursions. Incursions are end-game missions that challenge groups of players with tougher enemies and unique loot.

The first Incursion is titled Falcon Lost and will be released with the April update.

Incursions work similarly to the squad-based raid missions in Destiny, and will require a higher level of team synergy and communication than previously demanded by The Division’s missions.

Along with the release of Incursions, the April update will feature the following changes:

  • Daily and weekly missions
  • 4 new gear sets
  • Gear score – used to measure progression after reaching level 30
  • Dark Zone supply drops
  • Spectator camera on death
  • Trading system

The update will be launched across all platforms on 12 April 2016.

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The Division to receive massive update in April – details

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