Compare The Division to actual New York City

The Division received generally positive reviews when it released in March 2016 on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

It was the graphics and attention to detail that impressed the most, with a realistic New York City stealing the show.

Just how realistic is The Division’s New York compared to the genuine city though? Reddit user Feanauro analysed this when he overlapped The Division’s various points of interest with a Google Maps representation of the actual city:

The game makes some simplifications from rl NYC (for instance, some streets do not exist in game) which create some inconsistencies or visual anomalies (like, the aspect ratio of some DZ landmarks seem unnatural).


For this reason, I didn’t attempt to reproduce the DZ border in game faithfully with all its nooks and crannies, just closely enough to correspond to the major streets.


Things I might still do: – add neighborhoods (pve areas) – add resource locations (weapon parts, tools, fabric, electronics)


Things I probably won’t do: – add boss locations (there are already several good maps for these, both in and out of the DZ) – add side missions (whether these show up in game varies so much depending on whether the session owner has done them or not)

The game map represents only a fraction of the actual city, but jumping into Google Street View shows remarkable similarities between the game and real-life.

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Compare The Division to actual New York City

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