DOOM Open Beta launches this month

The open beta for DOOM will run from 15-18 April 2016 and will not require any special conditions to enter.

Players will be able to simply logon and enjoy the two game modes and maps available for the length of the event.

The open beta is just a multiplayer test however – as the game will contain nine multiplayer maps at launch, which creates a variety of possible experiences when combined with the six game modes supported on release.

DOOM will support the input of the community from launch, allowing players to create maps and scenarios with the SnapMap tool – an intuitive editor which promotes the creation of community content by simplifying the process.

Following the release of the main game, Bethesda will release three multiplayer DLC packs for DOOM – priced at $14,99 each.

If you don’t feel like downloading DOOM to play it for only a few days, check out our impression of the closed beta.

DOOM is set to release on 13 May 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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DOOM Open Beta launches this month

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