Watch the moment a game world died


Thousands of players gathered online to say goodbye to a pirated World of Warcraft server called Nostalrius.

The two servers hosting the pirated version closed down on 10 April 2016 following sustained pressure by Blizzard.

Nostalrius primarily focused on a “vanilla” World of Warcraft experience, with none of the game’s expansions included.

The team behind Nostalrius believed that over 800,000 people had registered to play on the servers and that of those, 150,000 were active.

A petition with over 80,000 signatures attached had been handed to Blizzard in the hopes it would keep the server open and change its stance on legacy servers.

The Nostalrius source code has been made available to the public, so expect news of similar pirated servers in the future.

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Watch the moment a game world died

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