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Whether you are looking for an affordable new TV or a face plate for your PlayStation 4, we have you covered this week.

There are plenty of sales going on, and we have hand-picked the best of the best for this week.

Xbox One 500GB + FIFA 16 – R5,990 (Game)

Xbox One 500GB Game

PlayStation 4 Faceplate Sale (Various Colours)  – R230 (Loot)

PS4 Faceplate

Xbox One + 6 Games – R7,499 (Raru)

Xbvox One+ 6 Games

PS4 1TB LittleBigPlanet Bundle – R6,299 (Makro)


Hori Commander Keyboard and Mouse for PS4 – R2,084 (Loot)

Hori Keyboard

LG 65-inch Super UHD Curved 3D TV – R34,990 (Dion Wired)

LG 65-inch 2

Samsung 48-inch UHD Curved TV – R15,990 (Dion Wired)

Samsung 48-inch

Sinotech 55-Inch R8,999 (Hi-Fi Corporation)

Sinotech TV

LG 49-Inch Smart TV – R8,999 (Makro)

LG 49-inch TV 2

LG 25-inch Ultra-Wide FHD Monitor – R2,899 (Evetech)

LG 25-inch

Samsung 23.5-inch Curved LED Monitor – R3,649 (Loot)

Samsung 25-inch

Lenovo i3 Laptop Bundle – R6,900 (Dion Wired)

Core i3 Laptop

Asus Chi Core M Tablet – R9,990 (Dion Wired)

Asus Chi 10 X

Click 10X Tablet – R3,999 (Incredible Connection)

Click X10

1TB WD Internal Hard Drive – R849 (Takelot)

WD 1Tb Interal HDD

Lenovo G50-80 Notebook – R7,999 (Takelot)

Lenovo G50-60

MSI GTX 970 + Mortal Kombat X – R6,399 (Evetech)

GTX 970

MSI GeForce GTX 960 – R4,225 (Rebeltech)

GTX 960

Sandisk 240GB SSD – R1,149 (Wootware)

SanDisk SSD

G.Skill Gaming Mouse – R799 (Wootware)


PlayStation Store – Weekly Deals

PlayStation Store June 9

Xbox Deals with Gold – Destiny: The Taken King Digital Collector’s Edition 


Xbox Deals June 9

Steam Sale

Steam 9 June

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Epic gaming and tech specials

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