Blizzard releases Competitive Play for Overwatch

Overwatch D-VA

Blizzard has released Competitive Play for Overwatch, allowing gamers to compete in ranked matchmaking.

Competitive Play was originally featured in the Overwatch Closed Beta, although it was removed from the game before release due to player criticism.

The ranked game mode has now returned, featuring longer seasons and a refined rating system.

Players will only be able to access Competitive Play after they have reached level 25.

Players will have to complete 10 placement matches before attaining a skill rating, which is based on individual performance in relation to the relative skill of other players.

Competitive Play brings various changes such as Sudden Death and best-of-5 games to the Overwatch match format, focussing on a more balanced approach to maps and game modes.

Overwatch’s Competitive Play is currently only available on PC, but will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by the first week of July.

Find out more about how Competitive Play works here.

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Blizzard releases Competitive Play for Overwatch

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