SeatStory Cup V – What an Experience

SeatStory Cup V

I expected an exceptionally run event with good production, but what I found was something spectacular.

This is really a world-class event. Interviews were held with several players, and they are busy being finalised and converted into articles.

Germany had unusually hot weather, and hilariously it was more difficult to obtain water than it was to obtain any other beverage. The venue is split into two sections: the main production area and an underground level, which is only accessible by players and VIPs.

Now this is something which is not available to the public to view, so I made you guys a video documenting the entire venue.

The event has a very welcoming atmosphere to spectators. There are several screens all over that allow you to watch the stream live.

All the players are also open to interact with the spectators and I mostly sat down at the poker table trying my luck at some cards.

If anyone is thinking about attending this event in the future, I would highly recommend it.

The final match of the event is really something to watch. The final game was Lifecoach vs J4ckiechan and it really went down to the wire.

Lifecoach ended up taking the series in the very last game. The final results can be seen here as well.

A lot of players requested that I ask the players how they practice and what their preparation is like.

I will be doing regular articles including the tips from the pro’s all leading up to a big Hearthstone event coming to South Africa in August!

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SeatStory Cup V – What an Experience

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