These are the greatest female video game villains of all time


Like everything in life, there is always good and bad. Video games too, have their own sets of good and bad. Light versus darkness, black versus white, heaven versus hell – you get the idea.

With every video game that comes out, it puts us on a path against someone or something. However, some villains just did a better job at being evil than others, and it is time we thank them for that.

Here are the greatest female video game villains of all time, and why they kicked ass so well.

Ultimecia – Final Fantasy VIII

Crimes: Threatening space and time in order to become a living god

Ultimecia is one stylish lady, who not only wants to become a god by committing crimes against humanity, but she also does it in complete style and fashion

Everything from her attire, to her castle, screams “I divorced a billionaire”. Ultimecia was probably one of the first female villains in gaming, and her appearance in Final Fantasy VII was fitting. 4

She is manipulative, condescending, and an all-round see-you-next-Tuesday kind of gal, but we love her.

Queen Ultimecia img

Sarah Kerrigan – Starcraft

Crimes: Leading the Swarm after becoming the Queen of Blades

Sarah Kerrigan had it rough, and her rise to villainy was not all her fault, but she had to do what she had to do. When she gave her life in Tarsonic City, the Overmind, instead of killing her, captured her as we all know Sarah has tremendous physic power.

One thing led to another, and her quest for revenge caused her to fully transform into the Queen of Blades.

Some might say that Sarah was not evil, but only doing what she did for her own personal reasons, but if you ask me, overthrowing the Overmind of the Zerg empire and threatening the entire universe with your army of Swarm is pretty evil.


GLaDOS – Portal

Crimes: Running an evil organization and wanting to kill things for fun

GLaDOS is one of the most iconic villains in recent gaming history. She was a robot of course, who had an evil sense of humour, and was programmed to kill everything.

She was responsible for murdering the staff of the Aperture Science research facility with a deadly neurotoxin, just because she wanted to be the only thing around to control her test subject.

Even while she was attached to a potatoe, she did not lose that sense of humour and pure evil attitude that we loved so much. Even in song, she was so fabulously evil and vile.


Gruntilda – Banjo-Kazooie

Crimes: Wanting everyone to be as ugly as her

Gruntilda is your typical everyday witch. She flies around on her broomstick, and has a giant nose with a pale shade of green. Her main evil objective in the Banjo-Kazooie games, be pure evil and try and suck the life out of the youth so she can look 21 again.

Like all the characters in the game, she is extremely comical and arrogant. She speaks to herself, which shows a little bit of insanity on her behalf. Throughout the series she shows more and comic relief while plotting her diabolical plans against the land. She is the witch we all love and want more of.


Sofia Lamb – Bioshock 2

Crimes: Being an absolute control freak and offering false hope

After Andrew Ryan was kicked out of the picture in the original Bioshock, Sofia Lamb saw an opportunity to turn all the people of Rapture into one big cult that worship her and follow her like lap dogs.

Instead of creating a “family” which she set out to create, she used everyone for her own intentions and was willing to risk and sacrifice anything to get her way.

Sofia Lamb might come across as your everyday librarian with brains and independence, but she is just one crazy old bat who wants to watch the world burn.

Sofia Lamb

Alma Wade – F.E.A.R

Crimes: Brutally murdering hundreds, and scaring little kids

Although the FEAR series got a bit too much near the end, the first two games were a massive hit due to their antagonist, Alma.

Alma Wade is a powerful psionic who seeks revenge against the Armacham Technology Corporation. The corporation conducted terrible experiments on Alma in order to utilize her powers for their financial gain.

Alma was born with psychic powers, which in turn led her to become an experiment for government use. When she no longer wanted to be a lab test, she did what any human being would do, she butchered everyone alive and then haunted the labs for fun. They do grow up so fast these days.

Alma Wade

Who are your favorite female villains? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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These are the greatest female video game villains of all time

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