PlayStation Plus big price increases in South Africa

Sony has announced that its PlayStation Plus prices for South Africa are set to increase at the end of August.

Sony said its annual, quarterly, and monthly prices will increase from 31 August 2017.

The company will alter the price of all existing PlayStation Plus memberships, and all recurring subscription fees after this date will be charged.

The new PlayStation Plus prices are below.

PlayStation Plus Subscription Old Price New Price
Monthly R99 R109
Quarterly R219 R349
Yearly R749 R899

The new prices mean it will be cheaper for South Africans to purchase a monthly subscription than a quarterly subscription.

If you do not want your PlayStation Plus membership to renew, you can cancel it by turning off the auto-renew option in your account settings.

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  • CitizenFury

    The quarterly price works out more expensive per month than the monthly.. Smooth move Sony

  • Carel van Heerden

    No it doesn’t. According to African maths quarterly is the way to go.

  • Quap Mocka

    Gosh! Guess I’ll be ending my PS Plus subscription once it lapses. Luckily when the price was R489 back in September 2014, I bought a few yearly subs to last until the end of 2020.

  • Tsepo TheNarutouzumaki Gasa

    Just go monthly. Cheaper than quarterly but expensive than yearly. R110 pm is kinda cheap

PlayStation Plus big price increases in South Africa

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