Hogwarts Legacy to get exclusive PS5 features

Developer Avalanche Software has revealed that the PlayStation 5’s DualSense wireless controller features will be leveraged to improve the upcoming title Hogwarts Legacy.

In a recent PlayStation Blog post, Avalanche said that DualSense’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will act as an extension of the player’s wand.

Using the PS5 controller, players will be able to cast different spells and attacks by pushing in the triggers at different rates, “allowing for more flexibility in combat”.

The haptic feedback feature will also be used to add a layer of immersion as players will experience unique feelings depending on whether they’re casting spells, deflecting spells, crushing ingredients in potions class, or flying through the skies on a broom or a hippogriff.

Avalanche has isolated all the wand effects to the right side of the controller “to let the DualSense become an extension of the wand you hold in the game”.

Additionally, the DualSense controller’s light gives you a unique bit of personalization.

When it’s not flashing along with spell casting or damage being taken, the DualSense controller lights will pulse with the colours of your chosen Hogwarts house.

These colours are as follows:

  • Ravenclaw — blue and bronze
  • Gryffindor — scarlet and gold
  • Slytherin — green and silver
  • Hufflepuff — yellow and black

The controller’s Tempest 3D AudioTech will also feature the unique sounds of Hogwarts Legacy.

Additional immersive sounds will come through the DualSense controller speakers, such as the soft flap of a Hippogriff’s wings and the effects of each spell you cast.

Other adaptive sounds will include the crackle of the fire as you cast Incendio, potions bubbling in cauldrons, and the uniquely detailed soundscapes of each environment.

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Hogwarts Legacy to get exclusive PS5 features

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