Sony begins testing 1440p support for PS5

Sony has begun testing 1440p resolution support for its PS5 consoles, with beta testers already getting the system’s beta for the oft-requested feature.

This new feature will allow players to select the 1440p resolution option, provided they have a display that supports it and if the game is capable of 1440p resolution.

Along with this, the system update will add improved anti-aliasing for 4K games down to the 1440p output.

Users can check if their output supports 1440p on the PS5’s dashboard.

Notably, Sony also stated that the 1440p resolution option won’t support Variable Refresh Rate – it will only be supported on 1080p and 4k on the PS5.

The update also included the addition of gamelists, allowing players to create lists of up to 100 games to make finding the desired titles easier.

Finally, the update also added new social features that allow a request option to ask friends to share their screens and notifications for when you can join a friend’s game.

These new features are currently being tested and will likely begin to be rolled out to general consumers in the future.

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Sony begins testing 1440p support for PS5

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