PS4 final massive sales figures released

Sony has released the final set of sale data for the PS4, which means that the console’s official lifetime sales figures are set.

The PS4, as of this final report, sold 117.2 million units during its life cycle.

This achievement places the console as the second best-selling home console in history and the fourth best-selling gaming general game console.

The PS2 holds the current number one spot with 155 million units.

While it may not have claimed the top spot, this result will no doubt please Sony – especially considering that with this announcement, all their consoles aside from the PS5 have made it into the top ten highest-selling consoles.

The final report was noted on Twitter, as can be seen below.

It will be interesting to see how the PS5 lives up to this sterling track record in the coming years.

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PS4 final massive sales figures released

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