PS5 Pro specifications leaked

Recent rumours suggest that the PS5 Pro will incorporate a new feature called Spectral Super Resolution in addition to improved baseline capabilities.

The leak and rumours came from an update from Tech YouTuber Moore Laws is Dead, who is known for the occasional leak, and claimed to have documents from within Sony.

According to these documents, the PS5 Pro will deliver 45% faster performance than the base console, with ray tracing speeds that are reportedly two to four times faster.

Additionally, the documents noted that the PS5 Pro will feature a custom machine-learning architecture for something referred to as PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution.

This new feature is expected to operate in a similar capacity to AMD’s FSR2 or Nvidia’s DLSS technologies – serving to maximise performance.

Along with this, the PS5 Pro will also apparently offer an impressive 67 TFLOPS 16 bit / 33.5 TFLOPS 32 bit and support for 4k resolutions with 8k support planned.

The new console will also boast full HDR support and AI upscaling.

If these leaks are accurate, the PS5 Pro will be approximately three times faster than the Series X and the base PS5 console – potentially positioning it as the fastest console on the market.

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PS5 Pro specifications leaked

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