PlayStation Network attacked, is very much down

[Update] Initial reports indicated that the PlayStation Network was breached, however it has now been reported that it was in fact a DDoS attack. PSN seems to be back online now following the attack.

After facing an “unprecedented” breach at Sony Pictures, it seems Sony’s PlayStation Network has been knocked by hackers – with the infamous Lizard Squad taking credit.

Trying to access PSN results in a lovely 404 message, and Lizard Squad’s Twitter account is having a gloat about it.

Lizard Squad, if you recall, also claimed responsibility for the recent Xbox Live take-down, as well as nailing the EA and Destiny servers.

Lizard Squad tweet

Lizard Squad tweet

The official PlayStation account has responded by tweeting that they are aware of the issues, and that users are having problems connecting to the PlayStation network.

PSN tweet

PSN tweet

The extent of the attack is not known at the moment, and there’s no word on what has been compromised.

The recent Sony Pictures hack leaked a list of unreleased movies, and other confidential information such as actors’ salaries.

So while we’re not saying expect the worst…expect something not good if this is the same kind of thing.

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PlayStation Network attacked, is very much down

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