PlayStation Asia quotes the death of PS Vita

Sony's PS Vita PR blunder

It seems that Konami is not the only one committed to PR blunders of late. Even the social media teams behind big gaming brands such as PlayStation can make a boo-boo or two.

Just recently, PlayStation Asia, via Facebook, re-posted and quoted a review by Destructoid, a quote they probably shouldn’t have.

As you can see below, it seems that the article was quoted without thinking of the context and information of the article, which mentions clearly the demise of the PS Vita.

PS Vita Dead

It seems the PS Vita dead is dead. Image courtesy of The Games Cabin.

Yes, this is a review! But why did the community manager for PlayStation Asia choose to quote that direct sentence from the review.

These kinds of mess-ups are interesting and seem to be becoming more commonplace nowadays. Verifying information and checking what you post can have greater implications, particularly when the Vita is already on a knife-edge as is.

We feel pretty bad for the person at fault and hope they don’t lose their job.

But this is still better than what Konami has been doing lately, especially with their MGS V microstransaction shenanigans, in our opinion.

Source: The Games Cabin

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PlayStation Asia quotes the death of PS Vita

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