The game I hated the most

Gravity Rush 2

Although there is an assortment of games that I have not enjoyed playing, I hated playing the PlayStation Vita’s Gravity Rush the most.

I was one of probably ten people in South Africa to own and regularly use a Vita, which I think was a somewhat underrated console.

It had some decent exclusives – with 2013’s Tearaway being a standout.

Uncharted Golden Abyss and Killzone Mercenary offered particularly impressive graphics for a handheld device.

However, other games were terrible – to the point of being literally unplayable.

Call of Duty: Declassified and Assassins Creed III: Liberation were insanely buggy, which is strange considering they were both designed for the Vita, and the Borderlands 2 port was so awful I am surprised that they even released it.

Unlike the other games, Gravity Rush ran rather well on the PS Vita – but I wish it hadn’t.

Gameplay so dull that it brings you back down to earth

The trailer made this game seem incredibly fun, showing that you could fling your character into the sky.

Unfortunately, the controls and camera were so terrible that I threw her everywhere except where I wanted her to go.

The enemies also offered no challenge, as the developers were acutely aware that the imprecise controls would make challenging combat infuriating for the player.

It also did not help that the game had almost no variety; for example, every side mission was a simple fetch quest, making me feel like a flying deliveryman.

Extravagant but mind-numbing story

Gravity Rush

Although the gameplay was the worst part of my experience, the story elements were also flawed.

The playable character’s name is Kat, an amnesiac who travels around with a cat named Dusty, who gives her the ability to shift gravity.

The initial dynamic of Kat trying to figure out the world around her was pretty interesting, but the story got unnecessarily convoluted by the second half of the game.

Yet, the story got progressively more convoluted and started to drag by the second half of the game.

Another problem was that while Kat’s clumsy nature and selfless behavior made her an endearing main character, the other characters in the game had little personality, making it difficult to care about the game’s world.

I was thus surprised to hear that a movie adaptation of the game is in development.

I recently wrote an article that noted that the Uncharted games, the gold standard for video game writing and characterisation, could not be converted into an enjoyable movie.

It, therefore, baffles me how Gravity Rush’s bewildering story could work in a film.

I recommend that readers avoid this game at all possible costs, because it is uninteresting, and offers terrible gameplay.

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The game I hated the most

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