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Resident Evil Revelations review

Resident Evil revelations has come to the world of high-definition in a wave of nostalgia which manages to give you a taste of the survival horror gaming of yore, but doesn’t quite dwell there long enough for it to sink in.

Revelations brings the series back to the exploits of Jill Valentine as she and her new partner, chubby Chris (aka Parker) board the cruise ship, The Queen Zenobia, to save her former partner, real Chris.

Predictably, things have gone to hell as the C-Virus (“sea virus”, geddit?) has taken over and turned the ship’s crew into squishy-looking monstrosities that want to eat your face with a side of wasabi dipping sauce

Along the way, through the game’s TV-show-like episodic story-telling, you meet a poorly-dressed ensemble cast and uncover some giant global conspiracy involving things that vaguely make sense.

Chronologically, Revelations takes place between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, but who knows what’s actually going on in this series any more?

Convoluted plot aside, Revelations is definitely a move in the right direction in terms of gameplay. Instead of all-out action, there’s a welcome return to cramped spaces and actual fear. Well, except for the all-out action bits.

The only problem is that, even though the HD visuals are pretty to look at, and everything seems like a full-on Resident Evil game on the surface – the game lacks depth. It’s unquestionably obvious that this is a hand-held game being played on a bigger display.

That’s not exactly a BAD thing, just check your expectations at the door, and maybe tone them down a bit. The game teases at being a full-on Resident Evil experience, but the short spurts of story and gameplay – a testament to its hand-held roots – only partially delivers on that promise.

With around 12 “episodes” at 2 to 3 chapters each (of varying lengths and challenge), and the addition of a co-op raid mode, Revelations serves as a decent fill for anyone craving something Resi-Evil now that 6 has gone by.

Here’s how parts of Resident Evil Revelations made me feel:

Looking at the pretty new HD textures


Trying to explain to someone what’s going on in the Resident Evil story


When you’re alone in closed, dark spaces

So scared I died

Oh, jokes! Here’s an arsenal of weaponry for you.




When you finish the game’s story in one weekend…

Wait, what

Paying full-price for what is essentially a handheld game

RiiiiightOverall reaction:

pretty good

Leon S. Kennedy approves.

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MyGaming reacts: Resident Evil Revelations

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